Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Time for another sneaky peek at mixed plastics

Today I'm heading to London to get another sneaky peek at what's happening in the world of mixed plastics recycling.

The conference, Shaping the Future of Mixed Plastics, looks at both the economic and technological practicalities of recycling plastic materials in the UK.

It is organised by WRAP - the Waste and Resources Action Programme and if the name sounds familiar, you'll understand why. As well as influencing industry strategy, it is also the agency responsible for consumer communications including Recycle Now, the Recycle Week campaign and the Love Food Hate Waste website. So if you're interested in what's happening behind the scenes in the world of waste, it's worth following their updates, all of which can be found over at their website

Now I know some people may wonder why a blogger from Suffolk is trekking off to a huge industry event. know... as Mr A often says, everyone needs a hobby AND there's always the tempting offer of a free lunch.

But of course, I jest.

The truth is, if it's anything like last year's conference it's going to be damn interesting. Regular readers may remember the details of my visit, an account of which can be read here.

So from a rubbish blogger's perspective it is the perfect opportunity to find out the latest developments in what could be considered one of the more controversial waste streams in the UK.

After all, we hear many stories about public frustration and media criticism over excess packaging, the lack of recycling facilities in our country and the quality of plastic recyclates, as well as issues over exporting materials abroad.

Well the good news is that last year's conference reported on major progress in many of these areas and it will be great to hear if there is even more positive news 12 months on, especially against the background of the recession.

Even so, if experience is anything to go by, the conference will also be an opportunity for delegates throughout the industry to ask hard questions of each other and challenge the decisions taken, no matter where participants sit in the waste stream.

So while I may not be in a position to progress my Recycle Week pledge today, I will at least be gathering interesting intelligence that will hold relevance to next week and beyond...

....or indeed "infinity and beyond" as Buzz Lightyear would say.

Now talking of which, I'm sure I read something recently about developments in recycling old plastic toys. Hmmm, perhaps my memory cells need a reboot, because that really does sound too good to be true.

But who knows, maybe some light will be thrown on that later. And if it is true, it will certainly have me buzzing with excitement, along with parents everywhere and hopefully everyone involved in the waste stream.

Right, I'm off to get the train! Will be back later, when I can hopefully catch up with all your lovely comments that came in yesterday.

By the way don't forget, there are some amazing bloggers who are also writing about their experiences for Recycle Week. So while I am busy eavesdropping down in London, why not check them out and see what they've also pledged to do. They include A Modern Mother, Green Familia, MyZeroWaste and BeMoreEco and have all got some fantastic tales to tell.



Layla said...

Oh, this is exciting!! :)

Do report!! :)

Tracey Smith said...

You're doing some amazing work now missus - I don't know where you find the time to fit it all in!

I look forward to hearing all about it.

Respectfully yours,
TS x

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Layla - it was very interesting indeed. If you go to the more recent blogpost, you'll see the update with the link to the site where more information will soon be available. :-D

Hi Tracey - not sure where I'm finding the time myself. Am getting nervous about next week. Having made the effort to get facilities in place...will the public use them?

Geez, I'm beginning to witness what it must be like to be on the other side...oh dear...Keep those fingers crossed honey :-D

Tracey Smith said...

Hi mate - it'll go beyond your expectations - have faith,

With love,
TS x

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