Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Fancy a refill old bean?

Thanks to blog reader and fellow tweeter Mrs B in York for some fabulous news that's hit the press today.

According to The Telegraph, as part of Hilary Benn's new war on waste, the government is considering plans to encourage shoppers to reuse containers in a bid to reduce the amount of packaging that ends up in landfill.

Now that's music to my ears. Perhaps I should take out some shares in Tupperware, while I've got the chance.

One thing's for sure, there'll be a few happy folk around here. Good to think that taking your containers to the supermarket will one day become the norm eh!

More details can be found in the Telegraph article at



John costigane said...

Hi Mrs A,

At last the penny is beginning to drop. Containers reduce plastic packaging waste to a tiny amount: a simple answer to reducing home waste. Let us hope the supermarkets accept their value. It would make a welcome change from the usual 'panic stations' response.

Hilary Benn seems to be doing all the right things recently. He could end up as Zero Waste Personality of the Year.

Maisie said...

This can I think only be seen as a good thing and a step in the right direction

Layla said...

WOW!! This is soo exciting!! :)

Imagine all countries worldwide, people everywhere worldwide, only using reusable, refillable &/or fully recyclable & RECYCLED packaging!!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

At my daughter's last weekend we decided to have an Indian takeaway for supper. It came in little poly/plastic containers which are perfect for my freezer. Imagine that! A x

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi John - I couldn't agree more with your comments. I now hope that the different sectors of the waste chain - including retailers - are able to support the government's plans. It will be a big change to introduce refillable alternatives but one that will be welcomed by many people who want to make a difference. I for one would change my business to a supermarket who took the lead on this. :-D

Hi Maisie - well said. I feel that we're moving into a new era in consumer waste. Exciting eh! :-D

I know Layla - if Britain can help inspire others, while being inspired by good practice from other countries, it will be very exciting indeed :-D

Hi Anne - what a great improvement, using something you can reuse. Will they let you take them back for refills too? :-D

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