Sunday, 28 June 2009

Day 7: Sunday, a day of rest

And so it was...very restful indeed.

After what has felt like a very busy week, Recycle Week is now over.

I had great plans for today, but all I could do was sit or sleep. I think the events of the past seven days have caught up with me along with the drama of the trapped nerve in my back migrating to a bruised sensation at the top of my leg.

But at 6.30 this evening I had to be lively, because it's Sunday and it was time to pick up the Tetra Pak collection bin from our local church, Christ Church of Moreton Hall.

Just like last time, Reverend Jonathan Ford was there to greet me, this time with a bin that was about half-full with Tetra Paks.

So with one fell swoop, I whisked the contents along to the communal bin that was just along the car park towards the Community Centre.

It was looking good. In fact the big blue bin was so full it was positively overflowing. I couldn't believe it...all those folk dropping off their cartons.... it was only when I lifted the lid, did I discover a huge Flymo box buried under a collection of random boxes, all squeezed into the Tetra Pak bin.

I couldn't help feeling responsible for the unexpected extras, so pulled them out, revealing the true number of cartons that had been collected this week. It is almost full and I'm sure one more day and there'd be no space left.

Well as far as Recycle Week is concerned, I think that's most definitely my shift almost over. It's been busy but rewarding all the same. I'll be back with the British Mummy Blogger carnival tomorrow and on Wednesday, when I'll have an update on how Sal and James have been getting on at BBC Radio Suffolk.

Reverend Ford asked me earlier whether I'd be doing this again next year, because if I do, the church would like to get more involved.

Do you know what...

I may feel exhausted by the events of the week and more in need of a holiday than ever I was before,

But next year eh?

Yes I most definitely think so and with more preparation, I think it could be bigger and better.

It's been a great week and huge thanks go to everyone in my online community and local area for supporting my pledge for Recycle Week.

I really hope I managed to help folk waste less over the last seven days.

And all I can say is, if I'm up for doing it all again next year .... anyone up for joining me?



Layla said...

WOW! Great to hear about even the church joining in!!

& great to hear about so many tetrapaks being collected!!
I hope people will be more aware now they can recycle those too!!

& I hope you did tell 'em glass/no tetrapaks (or as little as possible) is better still? ;)

I hope all those people continue to recycle tetrapaks from now on too!! :)

With the church joining in next year, truly bigger & better things could happen!! :)

mrs green said...

Wonderful result, Mrs A - well done you. What a fantastic week. You certainly deserve a holiday :) I hope your back feels better soon. Take good care,

John Costigane said...

Hi Mrs A,

A fab community collection, and ace for a first attempt.

Enjoy a well earned rest, and learn the lessons of the week, and how to improve, if possible.

Graham said...

What a great story to follow. Regarding the Tetra Pak recycling, I find it very worrying that there is still many inconsistencies over which councils accept which items for recycling, and this does nothing but confuse people. There should be a set standard for the entire country.


Hi Layla - LOl, don't worry, I've been spreading the word. As for next year, who knows what will happen. I never even anticipated this for 2009. By the time the Olympics arrive in 2012, the whole country could be going for Zero Waste :-D

Hi Mrs G - it's been a fab week. That holiday will be more than welcome when it finally arrives. Better not spend too long here tonight as my back might get back to square one :-D

Hi John - thank you for your encouragement. I'm looking forward to putting together a summary of the lessons learned and things to look out for. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. :-D

Hi Graham - thanks for dropping in and welcome to the blog. It really is troublesome about the range of inconsistencies. Unfortunately as ever it's down to budgets, economies of scales, contracts etc. I can't help wondering what it would be like if supermarkets took over the process and added the cost into the consumer goods instead of us paying tax. They seem very good at making everything else standardised. LOL... somehow I reckon the waste stream would be a bigger challenge :-D

Thanks to everyone who has commented on the other posts. I promise to catch up with other comments tomorrow. Bedtime calls. xx

Joost Hoogstrate said...

When everyone trying to lose weight and look slim, you are more concerned in making their bins slim, which is a great deal. People are hardly aware of the amount of waste material that they generate. So much of it is recyclable as it is shown in You’re doing a wonderful job, getting people involved in making the environment that we live in much healthier. Great work!

Keep posting.

Joost Hoogstrate


Hi Joost - Thanks for dropping by and for the encouragement. I'll pop over to the Climatarians link for a good look. Thank you. :-D

clareybabble said...

You should be so proud of all the work you've done this week. Well done :)


Thank you Clareybabble - you're very kind. I must admit a year or so ago I would never have imagined going out on a limb to do something like this. I remember that it wasn't so long ago it was me who needed the encouragement. How things change eh. Goodness knows what else is around the corner. Bound to be exciting though. :-D

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